The Symbol of Feminity

The opinions differ on what the perfect breast looks like and are as varied as the women themselves. But one thing is always important for Dr. Christian Metz: The breast must fit perfectly to your body. Regardless of whether the objective is breast enlargement, breast reduction, mastopexy or breast reconstruction, the result should always be naturally beautiful and fit to the proportions of your body.

Brust-OPs vom Plastischen Chirurg Dr. Christian Metz

Aesthetic Breast Operations

Form and size of the breast are for many women not only the most important aspect of their figures but play a large role in their self confidence, in their engagement with themselves and with others and thereby influence their appearance in private and professional spheres.
Dr. med. Christian Metz performs the following breast operations

  • Breast Augmentation with implant
  • Breast Augmentation with fat
  • Breastreduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Operation for Gynecomastia in men

Which procedure might be the best for you and other questions you may have can be discussed in an extensive, personal consultation with Dr. Christian Metz in our private practice in Munich.  Do not hesitate to call us:  +49-(0)89 / 20 07 07 07  We look forward to your visit!